Gearing Up for Kids in the Kitchen

I have been reading this amazing book written by some awesome Montessori advocates and moms, Sara Cotner and Kylie D’Anton; it is called Kids in the Kitchen. It is a great introduction to Montessori philosophy and practical application. I am totally pumped for using it with my kiddos soon!

Totally awesome cookbook benefitings Montessori for All. Check out author Sara Cotner’s blog FeedingtheSoil.

So in order to gear up for this great adventure I went on a shopping spree at For Small Hands. I bought child size mixing spoons, mixing bowls, mini-colanders, etc. I was squealing with glee over the adorableness of these items! I am eagerly awaiting the shipment so I can begin teaching the cooking skills covered in the book! Then we will tackle recipes. Next post will be all about cooking!

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