Guess What?! I’m a Presenter!

I was recently asked to submit a proposal to the Public Montessori Educators of Texas (PMET) Conference set to take place the first weekend in March. I was flattered, of course, because that means someone is actually reading this blog, but I was also very nervous. I am not an expert. I am just a parent. I love Montessori and I am happy to be an advocate, but stand up in front of a group of parents and *gasp* real Montessori teachers? Can I do that?

Well the answer is yes, for the exact reason I was so nervous. I am NOT an expert, only a parent, just like all of the people that will likely be at my session. We can work together to find solutions that work in our own real-life homes without turning them into Montessori schools. We can all make small changes to empower our children without having to get a degree in early childhood education. We can all confess our struggles and use our collective knowledge to come up with solutions.

I am now excited to bring a community of parents together to start these conversations. My session is titled: “Practical Montessori in the Home”. The session description reads:

Parents with children in Montessori schools have a unique opportunity to bridge school and home. Implementing Montessori philosophies and strategies in the home can be an easy and practical way to encourage independence in our children. Join me in discussing simple, small changes you can make in your home that can make a big difference. I am not a Montessori teacher, just a parent like you! 

So here is where that community thing comes in. If you were to come to this session what would be of most value to you? What do you want to know about/know more about? Please comment below! I have also included the link in case you are in the Houston area and want to come to the conference!

3 thoughts on “Guess What?! I’m a Presenter!

  1. Ms. Poussin at Garden Oaks Elementary was just telling me about this and specifically mentioned that you were presenting. I’m thrilled, as Peace Outs and Showers have become part of our routine, straight out of your blog! Can’t wait to hear more of your ideas about bringing Montessori into our homes!

  2. Bedtime and eating (or lack of eating) are still issues in our home that I would love more ideas on. This conference looks interesting, I am gonna see if Greg and I can go.

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