Idiosyncrasies of My Montessori Kids

A few posts ago I talked about some of the words and ideas you can take from the Montessori classroom and bring home. This post, on the other hand, is about the funny habits that my kids take home from school.

1. They LOVE routine and schedules. I know that this is not rare for kids, but my children live for knowing what’s next. Just this week I reminded my daughter to put her shoes on and she was completely appalled that I would ask her to do such a thing. She hadn’t brushed her teeth yet so shoes would be ridiculous! Shoes are after teeth-brushing. Obviously. I am such a silly Mommy.

2. They will sort EVERYTHING. When they sit to do a task or have dinner or play at the playground they will first sort things into a variety of piles. We were recently playing with these letter beads they got for Christmas. We were spelling words and making them into necklaces. I had just finished helping my son spell the word T-Rex, when he declared that he needed all the green and black beads!




3. They are obsessed with placemats. I don’t remember using a placemat as a child, on special occasions we used tablecloths, but that’s it. My children insist on using a placemat at every meal including snacks. If I have taken the placemats off the table to wash them, they will use a napkin to create a placemat. I had to start insisting that my daughter pack two napkins in her lunchbox. She would come home from school with food stains all over her clothes. I asked her, “Why don’t you use your napkin?” She responded, “I used it as a placemat.” yep.

My children's make shift placemats at our local Chinese restaurant.

My children’s makeshift placemats at our local Chinese restaurant. 

I love my silly Montessori kids! What funny habits has your child picked up from school?

One thought on “Idiosyncrasies of My Montessori Kids

  1. BIG LOL! As I read each one I said, “yep”! So funny! But I LOVE it…kinda…except when I am in a hurry. We have make sure we plan out what behavior we want before ever telling Austin a new task because he will do it that same way, in the same order, EVERY time. Unfortunately Greg (he has morning duty) would normally forget to brush Austin’s teeth before coming downstairs so before leaving for school I would give Austin a kiss and smell icky breath. So ended up running upstairs to get the toothbrush and brush in the kitchen….yep, you guessed it, I now have a set of toothbrush and toothpaste by the kitchen sink because OBVIOUSLY brushing teeth in the morning is done in the kitchen, he flips if I do morning duty and try to brush his teeth before coming downstairs. However, he never forgets to brush teeth because Austin now knows teeth brushing is after breakfast and vitamins before leaving for school.

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