Responsibility: Taking Care of a Flower

Spring has officially sprung and here in Houston that means that summer is lurking right around the corner. Knowing this we just had to take advantage of the lovely weather.


While the grown-ups in our home continue to make grand plans for our vegetable garden (Raised! Integrated Irrigation!), the kids decided they needed a plant of their own to look after. We headed to our local garden store to pick out some annuals to plant in pots for the kids to care for.











The kids were responsible for wielding our wagon and for choosing their own flowers from the designated area Daddy selected. We picked up a pot and some soil and we were good to go!

At home each child was given time with Daddy to plant his/her flower. They dug the hole with the trowel, placed the flower in the pot, filled it with dirt, and watered the newly planted flower. Daddy was on hand to help, but the kids did most of the work. DSC_0175

Every day this week the kids will be responsible for watering his/her flower. As time goes by they will need to keep an eye on their flowers as they grow, pull weeds or remove debris from the pots, and keep up with watering a few days per week. My daughter was responsible for a flower last year and it went well, so I am excited to extend that tradition to both children. I am excited that they can do it together and help hold each other accountable.


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