Montessori Ideas: Banana “Ice Cream”

It’s official: summer is here! Summer here in Houston means only doing things that contribute to personal cooling. Swimming and water play are givens, but we also like to keep it cool in the kitchen. We discovered the joys of frozen bananas whipped in a food processor last summer and the kids were ready to get the ball rolling this summer.

The kids did everything from start to finish with only a little mommy intervention on removing the sharp blade from the food processor.

Step one: Cut up bananas. The kids both used butter knives, but we also have one of these choppers if you feel your kids aren’t ready to wield a “real” knife.

step one

Step two: Put the chopped pieces in the freezer for at least two hours.

step two

Step three: Put chunks in the food processor or blender and turn it on!

step three

Step four: Scrape into bowls.

step four

Step five: Enjoy the cool and delicious healthy treat!

step five


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