Top 5 Posts of 2013!

As we wrap up the year (in shiny ribbon), I wanted to share my top 5 posts from the year 2013! This was my first full calendar year to blog and I am very proud of what this little space has become. If you like what I do here please share, comment, follow, and like! It keeps me motivated and accountable.

Top 5 of 2013:

1. Parenting: Becoming an Anti-Helicopter Parent. I can see why so many people liked this post, it was one that I was most passionate about as well. I am still trying to suppress my tendency to control and make sure my children are self assured and successful without mommy intervention!

2. Organization: Library Bookshelf. My husband gets almost total credit for this one, but I am happy to say that after several months and a move to a new house both shelves have held up spectacularly!

3. Montessori Ideas: Why My Kids Don’t Do Chores. I got you with the tricky title right?

4. Montessori Ideas: Glimpses of a Montessori Adolescent Environment. I love this one too! The beautiful classroom space and awesome students have really made this semester a joy. I am looking forward to next semester and how our little program will grow.

5. Magic Montessori Words and Ideas. If your child is in a Montessori school use these terms. They really are magic!

What was your favorite post from 2013? 

Joy and Peace to you from Whining Is Closed!

Joy and Peace to you from Whining Is Closed!

Posts that are coming up in the new year will included: Parenting: Adding Non-Verbals, Montessori Ideas: Preparing a New Environment in a New House, and the Case against “achievement”. What are you interested in me exploring in the new year? 


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